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Play The Game of POLITICS to WIN

No wonder we Blacks not progressing in 2017. Its obvious Blacks in America have never been taught how to play the game of Politics to win. We have largely been taught to vote and march and that is about it. My people heads buried so deep, I sound crazy saying we need to come out of all of the political parties, the need to push an agenda to Political Candidates and financially contributing to political campaigns.

We haven’t been taught to help finance campaigns or been taught that Politicians respond faster to those who donated to their campaigns than they do to those who just “vote” for them. To be able to control the Politics in our communities we first have to control our Economics. This is why I’m a big proponent of Dr. Claud Anderson's Powernomics, which is Economic Empowerment and business ownership for Blacks, first. Then we could take the money we make from our businesses and buy every Politician we can to get what we need. And guess what? The ones we can’t buy we rent or lease them.

Black family, the nature of Politics is “quid pro quo” or something for something. If you going to vote, you should be exchanging your vote and support for something tangible. Naming streets and parks after Black folks, more funding for education, hiring a Black secretary, etc. is not going to put food on your table or money in your pocket! Come on, Think! Individualism is stagnating us. You can’t push agendas, needs and concerns and focus on getting your needs met in exchange for supporting a candidate as an individual. Every interest group and ethnic group understands and practice this except us Blacks in America!

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