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Black Leaders Doing The Moonwalk

Today Our Black Leadership On Racial Issues Has Learned To Do The "Moon-Walk." Our Black Churches And Organizations Such As NAACP, SCLC, SNCC, Rainbow Coalition, And Even Our Black President Obama Continue To Give A Pretense They Are Moving Forward When In Fact They Are Moving Backwards. Precisely, Why We Blacks Are Making No Progress In This Country.

Our Black Religious Preachers, Civil Rights Leaders, Black Community Activists, Politicians, Local Candidates, Athletes, Actor...s and Entertainers Camouflages Their Move Precisely With The Erroneous Impression Blacks Progress Is Occuring When It's Not!

Watch Out This February For Those So-Called Black Leaders And Religious Preachers Talking About "How Far We've Come, How Far We've Advanced Racially" In This Country At The Same Time We Blacks Are Going Backwards All Over America. In Every Major City In America Mainly The 10 Largest Cities Blacks Are Living Like Animals, Slaughtering Each Other, Killing Each Other, No Food, No Water, No Healthcare, We're Displaced, Too Many Are Homeless. Yet Our Leadership Will Be Doing The Moon-Walk Talking About How Well We Are! Like/Share Our Posts With Family And Friends To Remind Them Of The Same.

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