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The Willie Lynch Myth

Really? The Willie Lynch letter is supposedly a verbatim account of a speech that was given by a slave owner in 1712. It occurred along the banks of the James River in Richmond VA and is reportedly about how other slave owners could control their property aka Black slaves. According to the speech given by Lynch, the goal was to set the Black slaves up against one another.

The letter was actually printed in 1970, but made its rounds on the internet in the early 1990s. It mist...akingly uses 20th century speech patterns and words that wouldn’t have existed in the year 1712. The idea of something being “foolproof” or needing to “refuel” something just didn’t exist at the time.

Then there’s the actual division of people demographics that are included within the speech. The light vs. dark skin color, gender, and even age were not considered as separated demographics back in the early 18th century. Those labels were created to identify separation during the Civil Rights Movement and were reflections of the US Civil War – a war that wouldn’t take place for another 150 years.

What should make the speech unbelievable is the fact this Willie Lynch was born in 1742, a full 30 years after the speech was apparently given. Unfortunately, most Blacks don't question or investigate but forever celebrating and defending sh*t as authentic (like Christmas, Easter, Jesus, Levitation, Alchemy, Extra-terrestrials, Space ships, etc.) because of prominent leaders and Black artist in specific moments such as the Louis Farrakhan, Denzel Washington's character in movie The Great Debaters, Hip-Hop artist Talib Kweli, and Kendrick Lamar. With information that is clearly of historical ignorance of Black people, there is no doubt that this is a "fugazi" to make it seem like fact. Like/Share with family and friends to enlighten and teach.

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