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The Struggle For Black Equality

Damn, We Blacks got seeking Equality all wrong! We Blacks are supposed to seek Equality in terms of Owning and Controlling the Resources. When whites had 2 cab companies; they had the Blue Bird and the Yellow Bird cab company. We Blacks had 2 cab companies: (one of them) the Harris cab company. When whites had something about 3 movie theatres, we Blacks had 2. We had the Lincoln and the Lafayette theatres. When whites made their movies, we Blacks made ours. We never spent time trying to change white folks minds, white people hearts… because we had community (common-unity), not no damn neighborhoods simply called "hood or ghettos" today.

However,our inappropriate desire to live, sit and sup with whites, Hispanics, Arabs, and Asians is how we lost our theatres, bus companies, cab companies, laundromats, hotels, etc. We got it twisted. In reality nobody wants to love Black people. The other groups will say anything to get your business. That is not love, that's business. Forget about it! What we Blacks should be concerned with is establishing a Black Community and exercise Equality, Respect and Appreciation amongst ourselves, the Black family first. Nobody is going to respect you and appreciate you if you own and control nothing!

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