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Message To Our Youth

You will never be successful if you don’t know who you are. Have you ever seen a person that has amnesia being as competent as they could be if they don’t know who they are? “Amnesia” is a terrible condition to be in! Some take a fall, or somebody hits you in the head, and you don’t remember your mother, you don’t remember your father, you don’t remember where you live? That’s a bad condition. That’s our condition. You don’t speak your mother tongue; you don’t wear your Father’s Name. You don’t know your God, your religion, your country, your culture—because the enemy never wanted you to know yourself, because if you knew yourself you would love yourself. And once you love yourself, then you’ll know that the brother and sister sitting next to you is “family.”

When you know who you are, you connect with everybody around you; so you’re no longer alone, because you know family. When you love one another, you will never stab your brother, shoot your brother, or rape your sister; put her out on the block or in the night club to be used by others! When you know yourself, and love yourself, you’ll love your kind. You are the original people of the, Get up, Stand up, Respect Each Other and Be Proud!

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