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What Blacks Must Do...

In Europe during the 1920’s and 1930’s The Jews Were Almost Exterminated. After Surviving Eminent Death, Though Unlike The Enslavement And Labor Of Black Folks, Do You Know What Jewish Survivors Did? First, Let Me Tell You What They Didn't Do... The Jews didn't March. The Jews Didn't Sing We Shall Overcome. The Jews Didn't Start Any Protection Organizations. The Jews Didn't Protest. And Most Importantly The Jews Didn't Retaliate By Destroying Their Own Neighborhoods! You Know What They Did?

Well Let Me Tell You...

First The Jews Started Their Own Schools And Education Systems. Think About It. How Many Jews Do You Know From Your Graduating Class. The Jews Sent Their Kids To Law School. Now The Jews Are All High Ranking Judges, Attorneys, Bank Owners, Etc. Everyone Knows The Jews Own The Music Industry And Film Industry You So Admire And Support. In Fact The Jews Are The Richest And Most Powerful Religious Group In America. Don't Believe Me, Look it up. And Guess What? The Jews Did It Silently. The Jews Silently Put Themselves In Position And Now They Run The World... Silently.

The Point Here Is Simple. Any Group Of People On This Earth That (In This Case The Blacks) Is Classified As An Out-Group, That Is Poor, Penniless, Powerless, Poverty Stricken, DisOrganized And Constantly B-Rated, Run Down By Mainstream Media, Print And/or Electronic Media, Looked Down Upon, Abused Where People Are Hostile To And At The Same Time Abandoned By Their Own Leadership... Blacks Are Being Set Up To Be Exterminated Off The Face Of The Earth! So, There Ain't Nothing To Laugh About. There Ain't Nothing To Talk, Yell, And March About. However, There Is A Small Window Of Opportunity Left Open For Blacks Who Know What Needs To Be Done.

Want more reading like this? Ourism.Org is building an online movement to support the elevation of Black America to a position of Group Prosperity, Respect, and Competitiveness. Help us help you help us all propose new principles, strategies and concepts that teach Black America a new way to see, think, and behave in race matters.

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