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Black People Know Your Power!

Black People Stop Asking For Equality In A Race-based Society. We Can’t Get Equal Opportunity Unless We Got Equal Control Of The Resources, Money and the Wealth! It's Sad Seeing How My Black Folk Continue To Buy Into The Subliminal Illusion Of So-called Equality Rather Than Get Measurable Things That We Can Touch Like Money, Wealth, Power And Not Flip The Script By Starting To Address All Those Public Policies and Principle And Even The Constitution Of The United States.

The Civil Rights Movement And Its Quest For Social Integration And Equality Is Our Damn Problem Black People! It's No Wonder We Are Still Stuck In Inferior Schools, And Still Plagued By Unemployment, Non-Existent Or Sub-Par Health Care, Dilapidated Neighborhoods And Disproportionate Imprisonment!

You Refuse To Face The Fact That We Live In A "Capitalistic Society" Called America Where A Man’s Personal Worth, Dignity, Pride, And Opportunities Is Defined By How Much Wealth He has, By What He Owns And Control. Our Black Churches And Organizations Such As NAACP, SCLC, SNCC, Rainbow Coalition, And Even Our Black President Obama Have Never Addressed This Issue! That’s The Problem Crippling And Killing Us Blacks Now! All Black Folks Do Based On Our Denial Of Being Deprived, Powerless And Penniless Position Is March, Pray And Sing! That's It! Consequently, Nothing Has Changed From What It Was 400 Years Ago.

We Need To Wake Up Blacks Who Value The European Ideas And Qualities Above Their Own And Actually Feel Safer Being Good Public Servants Rather Than Be Proud Black Person With An Agenda To Help Our Own Become Self-Sufficient To Set Up Business and Job Opportunities, Housing Opportunities, As The Whites, Hispanics, Arabs, And Asians Do For Their Own Group. Get Connected And Spread OURISM!

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