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Black People Need To Demand Economic Resources From Candidates!

Here We Go Again... My Black Folks Are Still Talking And Voting For Politicians To Get Along With Everybody Is Why We Are Being Gotten. Our Focus Should Be To ReBuild Our Neighborhood, Maintain Our Population Numbers, Secure Black Businesses That Provide An Alternative Economy And Ensure Opportunities For Our Own Youth.

For Us Blacks To Really Benefit From Voting, We Must Demand Candidates React To Black Issues And Problems And Stop Converting Black Issues To "Minority" Problems. We Should Demand That Black Candidates Be Black First And That All Other Candidates Who Seek The Black Vote Recognize And Respect Us As A Group First. OverStand This Nation Still Owe A Debt To Black Folk.

My People Just Wake Da Hell Up And Start Playing To Win In This Game Called Politics Which Is Played On GROUP SELF-INTEREST, Not The Well-Being Of Individuals. Stop Assuming These Politicians Have OUR Best Interest At Heart. It's Time To Implement A Black Plan, Set The Damn Standards For Hired Candidates, Do Some Research And Ask Questions About Those Findings You Come Up With... Please Stop Voting Just Because Those Twenty-Times-Safer-Than-Birth-Control Actors, Entertainers, Media Broadcasters, So-Called Black Activists And Organizations Keep Telling You To Vote! We Are Being Mis-Informed And Mis-Lead By Them All!

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