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Factor of the Problem for Blacks

All the talk of the Civil Rights Movement, pushing for Social Integration and its quest for "why can't we all get along," I pull no damn punches describing those Sambo's desire to sup with whites as an abject failure and a waste of time! Back in those Rosa Parks' days when Blacks were riding on the back of the bus, many of our people were mentally dead and socially conditioned to think that if they got close to White folks, they were getting wealthier, because White folks had the money. Yep, those Blacks really believe if they can move from the back of the bus to the front of the bus then that’s progress. In the process, my mis-guided Black folk boycotted the busses so they could sit on the front.

So now Black people are sitting on the front of the bus, but we still just as poor, because we didn’t advance. All we did was take a horizontal walk... meaning, it's a horizontal walk from the back of the bus to the front. It’s horizontal going from a White water fountain to a Black water fountain. It’s horizontal going from the Inner cities to the Suburbs. We didn’t advance and still haven't advance. One factor of the problem I find is most my Black people are really under the Spell of Social Integration. Black folk just won't admit we only moved out into another situation that’s worse than the predicament we were in before!

It's a sobering analogy to describe the Civil Rights Movement and its quest for Integration have on Black people by liken it to a person going through a metal detector at an airport security post. You know the person can only pass through if he gives up his phone, his keys, his coins, his belt, his shoes, his brief case, his wallet, etc. And like the person at the check point, Black people still giving up all of their economic resources to pass through and be accepted into dominant White society. Sadly, unlike the airport scenario, Blacks in America don’t get a damn thing back! The Hour Glass Is Empty! Yawl Gotta Stay Awake, Pay Attention, Take Notes And Spread OURISM!

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