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One Extreme To Another

Black Entertainers boycotting the damn Oscars which means nothing! Black Actors pool your monies to create your own Academy Awards. When it's yours you can call it "Imani, Andre, Ebony, Tyrone, etc whatever you like. Black people always want to sit down at HIS table no matter how bad he treats you. It's gotten so bad you accept the scraps he throws on the floor and say "Well, it's better than not eating at all." Damn IDIOT!

Now Director Spike Lee endorsing Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders telling South Carolina voters to "Wake up!" What da Hell?! We need to stop looking for politicans especially Black politicians to take care of Black people, because it’s not gonna happen. Blacks in America is in serious trouble because you don't own or control anything and unless Black people change this current reality, we would become extinct! If Black America don’t focus on the unique issues impacting Black people, we will be Economic irrelevant and considering Modern Times be back in Economic Slavery on an Economic Plantation in the next 6 to 8 years!

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