Donald Trumped!

Presidential candidate Donald Trump is very proud of himself for forcing President Obama to release his birth certificate, ending the debate over whether he was legally fit to lead the country. But there's many things Donald Trump has put his name behind has not succeeded. OURISM would like to share his gambles that went "trumped!"

  • Trump Airlines

  • Trump Vodka

  • The Bankruptcies

  • The Hair

  • The Marriages

  • Trump Mortgage

  • Trump: The Game

  • The China Connection

  • Trump Casinos

  • The Middle East 'Policy'

Thanks, though, to the gilded, too-big-to-fail reprieve Trump had gotten from the banks, and then loans from his siblings from their inheritances from their father, who had made hundreds of millions of dollars building apartments and homes for middle-class families in Brooklyn and Queens, Trump remains the greatest self-promoter and self-spinmeister that’s ever lived. By claiming victory over and over again, it starts to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. In other words, Trump has been able to create his own reality. He will deny and distort and belittle his critics and change the subject. He will say that he won. He always has. Black America must consider starting our own party and run our own candidates for public office. It's past do we must unify and form a critical mass that politicians cannot dismiss and must reward. Get Connected and Spread OURISM!

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