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The Ugly Truth

It's Presidents Day and while many of us will be taking the opportunity to enjoy sales off bath towels and other linens, it's important that we also spend a moment being enlightened on the commander-in-chief we've elected thus far.

With that in mind, we once again present the ugly truth why our Black candidates even President Obama won’t fight for Black Rights, the Blacks in America! When you go out into the Market place Women will fight for Women Rights, Gays fight for Gay Rights, Hispanics fight for Hispanic Rights, Asians fight for Asian Rights, Veterans fight for Veteran Rights, Senior Citizens fight for Senior Citizen Rights. When you get to Black people, Black folks fight for Civil Rights. Uh, Who in da hell is Civil? Where does Civil live?

It's becoming more and more evident our so-called Black leaders are more attracted to being Accepted by White society than Solving the Problem of their own People. It's sad when Black people prefer Whites pat them on the head rather than put some money in their damn pocket! We gotta stop allowing people to tell us to go out and vote. Vote for What? Nobody has yet to do or going to do anything for Black America in Politics. Get it? Politics is Controlled by Money especially the Major Corporations who got the money. If you have no money, You have no benefits coming. If you have no wealth, You have no say so!

Well, enjoy your day off by learning a few things... and seriously, try to understand the nature of Race which is Economics. Come on, It's past due Blacks build and control our own businesses and industries that will pull money in our neighborhoods so please ensure that any candidate we vote for in the future help and improve conditions of Blacks in America first!

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