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Blacks Going The Wrong Way

Despite all the Civil Rights protests and marches of the 1960s, racial discrimination and repression remains a significant factor for Blacks in America. Even the damn Voting Rights Act of 1965 initially for Blacks have been watered down and diluted monies to women, non-black minorities, disabled individuals, immigrants, handicaps, midgets, hunchbacks, and even Eskimos. Organizations such as the NAACP, SCLC, SNCC, Rainbow Coalisiton, Churches etc are insufficient because they will not address the root problem faced by the millions of Blacks derived ultimately from the involuntary circumstances of enslavement.

Obviously, there are many Blacks in America clearly unaware that Social Integration has simply made us Black folks a Guest in what the other groups of people own and control in this competitive society. In the process of this desiring to sit with Whites, Hispanics, Arabs, and Asians we lost everything we had. Black people have nothing now. We had theatres, bus companies, cab companies, laundromats, hotels, etc. we had everything.

With all the racial discrimination, I'm saddened many Blacks still think the Black race is going to be excused thinking, believing and saying “Lets pray about it, God will handle our problems. There are people who Love Black folks, and will protect, serve, take care, feed, and clothe us!” Wake Da Hell Up Dumb Azz! There Is No History Of That! There are absolutely NO incentives for any whites, Asians, Arabs, Indians or Hispanics to take care of Black folks. Nobody cares about Black Folks… We have No Friends and No Allies… We Never Had Them!

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