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Mis-Infograph Slave Ship

The 18th-century Brooks Slave ship nonsense you see nowadays were only diagram plans, not used to transport Black slaves. Listen, If you brought human cargo you would not pack them tight, one on top of one another especially since there was a demand for healthy Black slaves. The slave masters would have made sure that their cargo of slaves were in tip top condition, in good health to do labor.

However, let’s humor the mis-infograph of this “sardine packing of slaves” notion for one moment. His-Storical Scholars have documented the Black slaves were packed tight on the bottom of a ship, to be transported across the oceans, a journey of at least three months. Now keep in mind these Black slaves had to eat right, how else would you keep them alive? So, after they eat, the false writings continue to say the Black slaves were left to urinate and pass feces in those laying positions. Really, how would you survive? You are talking 454 slaves passing over five hundred pounds of feces daily, not to mention the urine. Everyone aboard would have drowned.

Please stop believing and eliminate that 18th-century Brooks slave ship crap! It’s very illogical. Black people are looking in all the wrong places for their own story. Remember, you are referencing the materials of the people that enslaved you. If anything, those ships in the diagram were to transport the dead bodies of black slaves out to sea.

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