Laughing My Butt Off At Those Mentally Dead Black People, Showing Me Their Stupidism of A Deeper Ignorance Saying " It Don't Matter What Color was Jesus... What matters most in this life is whether or not we have faith in who he said He was, and whether we have trusted in Him to save us from our sin. " Stop Listening And Following Those Jackazzes With Books On Their Backs Called Pastors, Bishops, Reverends, etc None Whom Jesus Said To Call Yourself.

Let Those Who Have A Brain Teach: Unfortunately, Jesus Color Does Matter. The God Of Your Bible Intentionally Tell You Who "Begat" Who So YOU Would "Know The Truth And Be Made Free" says Book of John 8:32. Obviously, Most Blacks In America Are Scared To Put Emphasis On The Description of Jesus in Book of Revelation 1:13-14 And Further Ignore That There's An Image of The Beast (Revelation 13:15) Like In The Picture Posted Here And Mark Of The Beast (Revelation 13:17) Which Are Not The Same.

Ourism Use The Bible To Teach All Those Positive Things The Church Religion Should Be Doing Using Scriptural Backup To Educate Rather Than To Control. We Gotta Stay Awake, Pay Attention, Take Notes And Spread OURISM!

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