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No Matter Who Win

There has been no "quid pro quo" for the Blacks who put candidates into public office. This results primarily from the fact that the dominant White society controls nearly all aspects of government and it will not let government be used to help Blacks.

The reality of the political process makes it easier for the candidates to bury themselves in the business of taking care of the general public's business rather than proposing issues and programs to specifically improve the quality of life for the Black community. It's a sad reality our Black candidates feel safer being good public servants rather than Black employees with an agenda to help Blacks become self-sufficient to set up business and job opportunities, housing opportunities as White leaders have done for White people of their own.

People saying “Black Politicians don’t have to do anything but get there…” is the worst thing we Blacks can say as a Marginalize Oppressed group in such a Racist country! You are telling the world that the candidates you favor, the candidates we Blacks in America vote into office do not have to be held accountable when they do nothing for us! Wake Up Black Family!

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