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Even Dr. King Knew To "Redistribute The Pain"

Today as we remember our dear brother in his last speech, Dr. King said “Always anchor our external direct action with the power of economic withdrawal”. He also talked about the need to “redistribute the pain” with boycotts against Corporate America. This means that when you have mass protests and marches, you also have to have Economic Boycotts to put pressure on your adversary. The mass protest draw attention to the problem, galvanize support around the issue so you can then bring people into your plan of action. The Economic Boycotts hurt the opposition economically, weakens the dominate White society and causes them to be open to negotiating with you because you have crippled them economically. In the meantime, Blacks are not communicating with the dominate White society in a language that they understand. Let's honor Martin Luther King Jr by supporting black businesses. Let's honor him by respecting each other and doing right by each other.

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